• Lucky SHD100 Black & White 35mm film

    written by kadense on 2011-05-10 #gear
    Lucky SHD100 Black & White 35mm film

    Fundamentally speaking, black and white film yields black and white photos. But if you like your black and white photos to have a pretty fine grain and gentle, muted tones, you might want to give the Lucky SHD100 film a shot!

  • Starting 2011 with Lomography

    written by kadense on 2011-05-06
    Starting 2011 with Lomography

    I first held the Diana F+ in my hands the day before new years' eve, and that moment rekindled my obsession with lomography. But this time, I was determined to keep lomography a part of my daily life, not just a phase that I will grow tired of. What a great new year's resolution!