The t-shirt of my dad says "I'm usemista* and a lawyer".

After work for over 30 years as a professor, my dad finally got 'retired'. However, my dad is a very active person, so, 5 years ago, he decided to study again in college. He propose to himself be a lawyer.

In all this years, I saw how my dad did this. It was not easy, my dad looks young, but he is 55 years old, his mind and body are not the same as he was young.
However, he did it. Despite the doubts, the long 'lawyer' conversations and the time. During this years he was still working in a partial time as a professor.

I love to talk about this because sometimes we just need a little 'push'. Sometimes we're scared, insecure about our skills and dreams, sometimes we just sabotage ourselves thinking that we can't make anything we want. But that's not truth, and a living example of this is my dad.


*Usemista= Person who graduate from Universidad Santa María

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