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    lovely family and friends as models

  • KRAB!! KRAB!! KRAB!!

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    Testing the KRAB!!

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    I would miss the feeling of being imersed, of being gently touched in every part of the body, of travelling in 3 dimensions, the cooling feeling of a swimming pool dip or a warm shower on a winter morning, a feeling of balance! I would miss returning to the womb whenever i want!

  • Island In The Sun

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    On an island in the sun We’ll be playing and having fun And it makes me feel so fine I can’t control my brain

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    I got this on the first roll I got processed from a lomo camera... still kinda my favorite photo I ever took here's the story to it:

  • from the knee ;)

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    I think we've had the best weather that ever happened in april here... first roll with my new LC-A+RL I don't think I can live without this little black camera it's just too amazing!!

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  • Pablo Wide Angle

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    ***These are pics from my bands recent trip to the studio to finish up the recording of our new album. We have been working on it for two years so it feels great to finally move on to the next stage of mixing and mastering. We hope to have it finished and ready to release this fall. If you would like to help us finish this bad boy by making a donation to our kickstarter, go here: Thanks! :-)

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  • RedScale Shot

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  • RedScale Shot

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