1. dbenit
    dbenit ·

    SMENA 8M with 800 iso?

    what aperture value?

  2. julia-shiroukhova
    julia-shiroukhova ·

    @dbenit 11

  3. dbenit
    dbenit ·

    thanks for the reply! ;) so good results with that iso?
    what film is your favourite with the dear Smena (i'm Smena 8M beginner ;))

  4. julia-shiroukhova
    julia-shiroukhova ·

    all films is good - you can try all and all can be good for Smena) I like Lomography 800, 400 and 100.
    but you must choose right adjust shutter speed and aperture! It's very important and you will have good results! Sorry for my english))

  5. julia-shiroukhova
    julia-shiroukhova ·

    Smena is my favourite camera)

  6. dbenit
    dbenit ·

    @julia-shiroukhova thanks! I'll try ;)

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