1. shariff
    shariff ·

    lovely colours....!

    how'd you do it?

  2. julea
    julea ·

    These shots are made with DIY redscale and then just do doubles and wait for the surprise ;)

  3. shariff
    shariff ·


    ahhhh..... i see....
    i thought these were double exposures of green and orange/brown leaves ....
    pretty close...

    i'm never really good at double exposures... - less the shitty messy ones.. lol :S

  4. julea
    julea ·

    Haha don't worry.. All shots have something special!
    But I can't remember what is the green tone :D

  5. shariff
    shariff ·


    ahaha... hmm... isn't it the green from the leaves on the branches...?
    what crossed my mind the first time i saw this photo was what was that thing thats giving that orange tone,,.... lol,

    OHHH!!! are they flowers or something? i think i see some blades of grass at the bottom part of of the photo. whatever...it looks good. haha

  6. madeliefie
    madeliefie ·

    Lovely photo! :)

  7. jeanhuang
    jeanhuang ·

    Great photo !

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