• Gunung Mahameru the Great Mountain

    written by specialblewah on 2010-12-03 #places
    Gunung Mahameru the Great Mountain

    Once an active volcano in Indonesia, Semeru is an integral part of the volcanic belt of Asia called, the "Pacific Ring of Fire". It is located in East Java and is 3,676 metres high. This "stratovolcano" is also known as Gunung Mahameru (the Great Mountain) due to its supreme attributes. In fact, Mahameru actually refers to the Hindu god Siwa in local dialects. Siwa the Destroyer (Dewa Pemusnah) is the most powerful one, hence, it comes to no surprise that Mount Semeru is named after this forceful deity.

  • Chasing the Sun at Dieng Plateau

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    Chasing the Sun at Dieng Plateau

    The Dieng Plateau is a caldera complex formed after an eruption of Mt. Prau. The caldera was once full of water which then dried up. However, volcanic activity continues to this day as you can find sulfuric fumes and poisonous lakes in the area. Located at an altitude of 2000m, the temperature here is also much cooler compared to the surrounding lowlands. The ancient Javanese Hindus built temples here and hailed Dieng Plateau as a sacred place.