I used the Lomo LC-A in 1998 for one day - and fell in loooove! No idea why it took me until 2 months ago to buy my first lomo - my new love the colourfull Holga, with blue yellow and pink yihaa! - while on a trip in Vienna. Love has it's mysterious ways - but as they say, the bird that belongs to you will return. And so it did!
So I am new here!

But I already feel this is a life time happy addiction!
All my money's gone, where did it go?
OOOHW I was doing the lomo!
Rhymes, well there you go, lomography brought back the poetry in my life...

Any tips and tricks supa dupa welcome! :)

PS anyone in Amsterdam?
Let me know!
Don't know any other LOMO lovers here yet...

Nothing to display yet