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    Really loving the results of the Agfa Click-I. It's very easy to use too. Hope you like these... Thanks a lot Peter!!!

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    This is one on my favorite photos. It was taken in Camden Town (London) when my friends came to visit me. I like it because it was a surprise. I didn't know I had taken a photo of the wall already (it was a mistake probably) but I love the result. My friend Rebeca looks like a graffitty painted in the wall

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  • Reposed

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    Holga 120 N camera with Ilford Delta 3200 pushed one stop when developing. I had a Pocket Wizard on the hot shoe of the Holga control one Alien Bee B800 with a medium sized Octobox (basically one studio light). It really was a blast controlling a studio light with a Holga!

  • Chuo Freeway

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    Expose lower half first, and set a tripod upside down and expose upper half in the same way as 1st shot. To turn tripod 180 degrees, I used two panheads. About 10 seconds each. Using a cable release and black adhesive tape (to mask the light sensor of LC-A+). Vivid blue or purple colours are by trucks decorated with light bulbs. Needed patience and concentration...

  • Playing with wind

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    Got to go camping on the North Shore for the whole weekend for my friend Summer's (@summsumm) birthday! Had lots of fun snapping away :)

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