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First LC-Wide

My sisters wedding & my kitty cats. Played around mostly with the half frame overlap...pretty happy with the results :)

Favourite shots: My kitties...on repeat - of course this is a favourite. I love the LC-Wide and the half frame overlaps turn out so well. Shame that this is the one and only LC-Wide album I have.


  1. travel-club
    travel-club ·

    very cool album! and the overlaps turned out great!

  2. littlekoala
    littlekoala ·

    this is great! :D

  3. negus
    negus ·


  4. k_melancholy
    k_melancholy ·

    Very nice :)

  5. funfun
    funfun ·

    love this! :)

  6. bruuac
    bruuac ·

    very very nice!

  7. giuli
    giuli ·

    loved the overlaps!

  8. kathepalacio
    kathepalacio ·


  9. adash
    adash ·

    Very nice indeed!

  10. jojo8785
    jojo8785 ·

    Thank you all for your lovely comments!

  11. pollypop
    pollypop ·

    Love it!!!!

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