The Hell With Perfection — Freedom for Photography —


My beloved dad showed me how wonderful and how much fun photography can be.
He told me the basics of lighting, lenses etc. and - which to my mind is the most important skill - to "feel" the situation and look for views which might be different whether it is closer, further, upside down, flipped etc. We used to walk around and look for possible objects. I had a Agfa pocket which was great when I was a child - almost unbreakable ;-) The time waiting for the results of the photo tours was sometimes hard - but exciting. We did not just pick up the pictures and put them into folders - but we talked about them. What was good about it, what one liked about it. This discourse was great and I really enjoyed it.
I admired him for having his Nikon FG20 in the 1980s - and was proud to be allowed to use it when I was old enough and even take it with me for different travels. It still exists - and I hold it very dear in remembrance of my dad. And analogue photography still is very special to me - the feel, the look, the smell, the time and deceleration ... I simply love it.


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