The Lucio San Pedro Collection

I honestly didn’t know who Lucio San Pedro was before this event. But I know about Freeway, so I know half of what I should going into the event. Good thing I was there only to take photos.

So it came to a surprise to find out I knew about his work, without knowing he was behind it. Lucio San Pedro was the man behind one of the most famous Filipino lullabies, “Ugoy ng Duyan”. My mom never sang it to me, but I’ve heard the song many times when I was growing up, mostly on TV.

Lucio San Pedro is a Filipino National Artist for Music, and was known to be a great composer, conductor and most of all, a teacher. And this year, Freeway decided to honor the man and his family through their National Artist Collection Series, featuring Lucio San Pedro for Fall 2013.

The Collection’s launch was done in The Row in Glorietta 2 last May 28. Many of the bloggers present were fashion experts. I, on the other hand, was there to take their photos, using my new favorite toy, my La Sardina DIY (I haven’t gotten around making it pretty, though).

It was my first time to formally get invited to an event and shoot using my lomo camera, and I was very excited about it. But that it was my first time clearly showed when I got my roll developed. Some shots were blurry, some off angled. Though I can always say that it’s my artistic signature.

But hey, it was a great event. It’s always cool to honor our Nation’s heroes.

Check out the full album here:

or here:

written by jestoniboy on 2013-06-09