The start of my lomo life !

I knew Lomograph a year before I own my first ever lomo cam – Smena 8m , I was invite to Lomo outing by I-forgotten-who-was-it , but I was having school at that time , so it’s hard to join any of them . What I can do is view all of those picture taken by those Lomographer , and I was stunned by those picture,those effect and feeling that come out from Lomo , it was so unique and awesome !
Then I did research about Lomography,I search those Lomo cam ( Diana , holga , black bird fly , etc ) , but then it’s just not a good time to get a cam as I am facing the coming exam..So Lomo are like something I can’t get at the moment . But those astonishing feeling of lomograph are too awesome ! I shared it all around my friends , and it annoyed them .haha But I don’t care,I love Lomo and I want to share it out !
Finally school’s out !! I started working and I can’t wait to get a Lomo cam and join the outing , and it ended up I went to the first outing without a lomo cam..Later then my Bro knows I’m in love with lomo since years ago,and he bought me one !!! That’s how my smena 8m come from ! And I’m so in love with it !! It’s just fit my hand so well !! It give me amazing result ! I name it as Shinichi !
Shinichi took me into the lomo world..and I won’t ever want to leave..Cause it’s too Awesome !!XD

written by jervisstar on 2011-05-01