• My First Best Picture

    written by jennson on 2011-04-02
    My First Best Picture

    My interest for Lomography started about 4 month ago began with the Diana F+ what didn´t satisfy me at the beginning. Saw that camera in a shop and the amazing shots you can get with this lomo stuff. My girlfriend also liked that, so i got the hole diana f+ kit for birthday ..and thought it would be that easy, but it wasn´t. My first shots were real crap, and I was really disappointed. So I tried to get as much information as possible out of the net. I realised, that it would be much easier to start with an LC-A and that there is a possibility of cross-processing to get those colors and contrast that faszinated me. I ordered at! First crossed roll with my LC-A was very funny and addicted me. The shots were not very good, but I noticed that there is a potencial for great photos..

  • I like puddles of mudd ..and rainy days

    written by jennson on 2011-03-27
    I like puddles of mudd ..and rainy days

    You can find it every where after rainshowers. I love the reflections and the soft mirror images.