• Tipaza

    written by jelga on 2010-06-01 #places

    Tipaza (or Tipasa) is one of the highlights of any trip to Algeria. Most travelers head straightaway south, to the Sahara, but Northern Algeria has loads to offer and Tipaza is an absolute must. Au printemps, Tipasa est habitée par les dieux et les dieux parlent dans le soleil et l'odeur des absinthes... (Albert Camus - Noces à Tipasa)

  • Ahaggar National Park: plateau of Atakor and the Assekrem

    written by jelga on 2010-05-04 #places
    Ahaggar National Park: plateau of Atakor and the Assekrem

    The desert: a state of mind A trip to another world, strange and peaceful, barren and yet full of hidden life

  • Ghardaïa and the M'zab

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    Ghardaïa and the M'zab

    The M'Zab valley: desert, architecture and palm trees!

  • Lucky SDH (120, 100 iso) user-review

    written by jelga on 2008-12-03 #gear
    Lucky SDH (120, 100 iso) user-review

    Lucky loves Holga, Holga loves Lucky!

  • Ribeira Sacra

    written by jelga on 2008-12-01 #places
    Ribeira Sacra

    The Ribeira Sacra is truly a magic place. This area of the North of Spain, located where the Sil and Miño rivers meet, is full of history and breathtaking natural landscapes. Especially worth mentioning are the spectacular Cañones del Sil, which one can admire navigating along the river or from one of the many observatories along the road.

  • Pueblo Viejo de Belchite - La memoria histórica

    written by jelga on 2008-11-30 #places
    Pueblo Viejo de Belchite - La memoria histórica

    There are actually two Belchites: the pueblo nuevo and the pueblo viejo, the new and the old village. The story of this site is the perfect example of the terrible consequences of a civil war. In August 1937, one year after the beginning of the Spanish war, the Republican forces tried to regain Belchite as a part of an offensive which should allow them to recover the city of Zaragoza, about 50 km away and capital of the region.

  • One day stroll in Vilnius

    written by jelga on 2008-11-18 #places
    One day stroll in Vilnius

    I was in Vilnius recently for work and had only one day to walk around the city – it was definitely a perfect day! Vilnius city center is quite small so very easy to discover by foot. At first, I wandered around without a clear objective in which then turned out to be the Jewish ghetto. As a matter of fact the city was once known as the Jerusalem of the North and you can still see many traces of this community in the narrow and historic streets of this part of town.

  • Le Fontainas, Brussels

    written by jelga on 2008-11-14 #places
    Le Fontainas, Brussels

    Welcome to one of my favorite cafés in Brussels any time of the day: Le Fontainas is for sure one of the best places downtown to sip a coffee in the morning reading the paper, have a simple lunch and a beer at noon or enjoy some cocktails in the evening with friends, all of this while listening to some of the most interesting music selection in Brussels. In winter, you can sit inside and warm up with a hot chocolate. The interior decoration is cozy, with a nice vintage touch and huge photographs on the wall :). I particulary like the recycled chairs and tables, each one in a different shape and color.

  • Ravenstein Gallery - a trip to the 50s

    written by jelga on 2008-10-22 #places
    Ravenstein Gallery - a trip to the 50s

    This is one of my favorite spots in Brussels, a true lomographer's paradise, especially for those who like 50's architecture. The Ravenstein gallery was in fact built between 1954 and 1958, right on time for the Expo '58, the international exhibition that radically transformed the city. Apart from the Atomium, there's very little left of the actual Expo, but in the city you can still find here and there some fine examples of the architecture and spirit of that time.

  • Ithaca

    written by jelga on 2008-10-15 #places

    You have surely heard the name of Ithaca (Ιθάκη or Ithaki in Greek) in connection to Odysseus (or Ulysses), hero of Homer’s epic poems Iliad and Odyssey. The truth is it’s still unclear where Odysseus actually existed or whether he was from Ithaca (the most likely it’s that Homer was from the island or at least lived there).

  • Soviet Landmark (Vilnius)

    written by jelga on 2008-10-14 #places
    Soviet Landmark (Vilnius)

    Vilnius city center is characterized above all by baroque, Gothic and renaissance constructions so I was really surprised when, from a hill, I saw an impressive soviet looking building standing like a huge vessel on the other side of the river Neris.

  • Terminal 4

    written by jelga on 2008-10-14 #places
    Terminal 4

    If you are lucky enough, in your next trip to Madrid you will land in the new Barajas´Airport terminal. The T4 was inaugurated in February 2006 and a few months later it received the RIBA Sterling Award, one of the most prestigious architecture prizes worldwide.

  • Knokke - Het Zuin nature reserve

    written by jelga on 2008-10-13 #places
    Knokke - Het Zuin nature reserve

    If you are in Belgium, have already visited all the tourist “musts” and still have an extra day or two to spend in the country, you might consider to go on a cycling or hiking tour to the Knokke-Heist area. It is one of the most interesting destinations in the Belgian coast with its 12 kms of sandy beaches and 3500 hectares of polders and dunes, with signposted walking and cycle routes, not to forget Het Zwin, a surprising nature reserve and bird sanctuary that stretches from the end of Het Zoute over the Belgian-Dutch border.

  • Plaza Mayor

    written by jelga on 2008-05-09 #places
    Plaza Mayor

    If you are visiting Madrid, then you should definetly pay a visit to the Plaza Mayor, one of the highlights of the historic center (and one of my favorites spots in my city of birth! During the middle ages the site was just a market place outside the city walls.

  • Le Wiels Contemporary Art Center

    written by jelga on 2008-05-09 #places
    Le Wiels Contemporary Art Center

    A new and innovative contemporary art center, Le Wiels, has just opened its doors in one of the finest exponents of industrial modernist architecture in Brussels: the former brewery installations of the Wielemans Ceuppens company. The site was built in 1930 by Belgian architect Adrian Blomme and it's defiantly worth a visit.

  • Abanoned mines in Ojos Negros

    written by jelga on 2008-05-09 #places
    Abanoned mines in Ojos Negros

    The very poetic name of Ojos Negros does not make reference to the mysterious black eyes of some beautiful woman of remote times but rather to the coal and ore mines that made this small village famous in Spain.

  • Fuendetodos

    written by jelga on 2008-04-27 #places

    Many of you will undoubtedly know Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, one of the greatest and more interesting Spanish painters. Goya was born in a tiny village near the city of Saragosse (Zaragoza), called Fuendetodos. This region is great for a roadtrip combining nature, culture and, of course, gastronomy.

  • La Mallorquina

    written by jelga on 2008-04-27 #places
    La Mallorquina

    La Mallorquina is one of the oldest cafés and bakeries in Madrid. It was founded in 1894 and has only changed owners once ever since, when the founder´s family sold it during the Spanish Civil War. It is located at the very heart of Madrid: between la Calle Mayor and la Puerta del Sol and it’s been the meeting point of the Madrileños for more than a century.

  • Skala Loutron

    written by jelga on 2008-04-27 #places
    Skala Loutron

    If you visit Lesvos Island (one of the largest Greek islands in the Aegean, just off the Turkish coast) and you feel like adventuring outside the touristy areas, head for the Gulf of Gera. I advice you to stay in the small village of Skala Loutron and explore the area from there. In this tiny fishermen's village you will find the Zaïra Hotel, an old olive mill transformed into a cosy hotel.

  • Agiasos

    written by jelga on 2008-04-27 #places

    If you go to Lesvos island, you should pay a visit to Agiasos (Αγιάσος), located on mount Olympos (there are actually quite a few mountains with this name in Greece! ;). It is only 26km from the capital Mytilene and yet it feels completely different. Actually, because of its inland location and quiet atmosphere, it has nothing to do with the stereotype of the Greek islands. You can go for a walk from the center (quite touristy) to the upper part of town to enjoy the landscape and see some of the curious boards with local sayings (very photogenic but impossible to understand unless you know the local dialect!). Not to be missed is the traditional kafenio (a kind of café where people from the village -mostly men- meet up to discuss politics and sports and have a drink, normally ouzo; actually the best Greek ouzo comes from Lesvos!) close to the church of Panagia, famous because of its IV century icone of the Virgin. Actually, Agiasos is the religious centre of the island and, every year, on august the 15th pilgrims arrive from all over Greece to visit the church and then a huge feast -a panigyri- is organized.

  • Atomium

    written by jelga on 2008-04-27 #places

    Oh wow! This must be about my favorite place to take photos in Brussels - and I have actually never been inside! (too scared to get disappointed, I guess...). Let's start with some history: the atomium was built for the World's Fair held in Brussels in 1958. The 103 meter tall structure (which represents a unit cell of an iron crystal, in case you were wondering) was planned by André Waterkeyn and it was supposed to stand only for 6 months. That's why the building was in quite a sorry condition for years and had to undergo heavy renovation works a couple of years ago. Now its nine steel spheres are sound and shiny again, craving for photographs! It is also worth visiting after sunset, when the spheres are illuminated. Day or night, go there if you happen to be in will make some beautiful pics!

  • Gallocanta Lagoon

    written by jelga on 2008-04-27 #places
    Gallocanta Lagoon

    If you like birds and amazing empty landscapes, then you really have to go to Gallocanta, one of the most important marshlands in the world and meeting point of many bird species, both steppary and migrating. It is recommended to visit the lagoon at the end of October-beginning of November, high point of the migrating season.