• Double trouble in red

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  • Lomography and TransWorld SURF Present: Wet Hot Summer!

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    Lomography and TransWorld SURF Present: Wet Hot Summer!

    Summer is fast approaching and Lomography along with TransWorld SURF want to see how Wet and Hot your Summer can be!

  • Lomo Amigos de Musica: Cold War Kids

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    Lomo Amigos de Musica:  Cold War Kids

    Cold War Kids began in the Fall of '04 with jangly guitar, hand claps, and a Harmony amp in a storage room atop Mulberry Street restaurant in Fullerton, CA. Since then, Cold War Kids have self released 3 six-song EP's on Monarchy Music, and toured relentlessly. Much like Blue Note Artists of the '50's, the music of the group walks hand in hand with its graphic design. Bass player Matt Maust is responsible for creating the visual aesthetic by constantly documenting the band, friends, strangers, and situations both on tour and at home.

  • Lomography NYC Holiday Party Photos

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    Lomography NYC Holiday Party Photos

    The Lomography NYC team celebrated the holidays with a huge bash at the new Lomography Gallery Store in Gramercy. Check out the fun times had by all!

  • Can you tell where i am !?

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  • Self Portrait Speed Phone

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    The Diana F+ Instant back is so much fun. For this shot I put the camera on a tri-pod, slapped on the cool cable release attachment, put on the "close-up" lens, and held my DianaF+ Splitzer in front of the lens. I sat 6" in front of the lens and with a 100watt swing arm lamp about a foot away from my face, I shot the face part of this with the camera on B setting and just did a quick click and release. The upper portion, I again positioned the camera 6" away from stuff on my desk...held the splitzer in place...and then used the camera on N setting. I am having so much fun with this. haha

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