• DIY: C-41 Film Process with Coffee

    written by lomosexual_manboy on 2009-03-21 #gear #tutorials
    DIY: C-41 Film Process with Coffee

    If you ever want to try to self develop your film with coffee, here is a good tip!

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    I was on the way home from shooting, the whole day there were no clouds on the sky, and suddendly happend this and I shot it at 200 ISO

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    I make a session to javihacefotos..thanksss for all Javi!!!! ure so greattt!!!! visit his home:

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  • My First Fisheye Shots!

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    Fisheye 2 is my first Lomographic camera and I'm loving it already :)

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  • Straight to the Top

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    I'm going straight to the top - Oh yea! Up where the air is fresh and clean I'm going straight up to the top- Oh yea! If you know me, you know what i mean I can't let sorrow try and pull ol' frankie down Live for tomorrow i have found you Tom Waits

  • Dorkeling: snorkeling with dolphins

    shared by natalieerachel on 2012-02-06

    Got to go on a catamaran on my weekend at the Big Island! I saw a whole bunch of whales (one swam right by the boat! But I missed it...), big manta rays, and swam with dolphins! *My LC-Wide is the perfect partner and always keeps me company. I take her everywhere with me, on mountains, to the beach, and even underwater. She captures the best moments of my life and she'll be with me for many more to come. Thank you love!*

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    This is one on my favorite photos. It was taken in Camden Town (London) when my friends came to visit me. I like it because it was a surprise. I didn't know I had taken a photo of the wall already (it was a mistake probably) but I love the result. My friend Rebeca looks like a graffitty painted in the wall

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    Sweet winter jammm

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  • To the sea... // Cahuil

    shared by gatokinetik-o on 2012-02-20

    Photos taken on the last weekend. We visited the coast of O'higgins (in our wedding anniversary), known as the main city of surf, with my BeLomo Vilia + Lomography Fisheye universal adapter + Lomography CN 400...have been passed 12 years since the last time we enjoyed this coasts /// Fotos tomadas durante el ultimo fin de semana. Viajamos a la costa de mi región, Pichilemu, conocida como capital del surf, con mi BeLomo Vilia + Lente universal de lomography fisheye + Lomo CN400 ...pasaron 12 años desde la ultima vez que disfrutamos estas costa

  • Horses... horses... horses..

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    Love Patti Smith

  • Through the eyes of a child

    shared by filby on 2010-09-04

    Some photos i took at about age 8. Taken with an old Hanimex Instamatic mum gave me. I guess my life was horses, cats and a dog. Mum and Dad are in there a bit too.

  • Oxford Horses

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    Walking through a field near oxford and finding some animals!

  • Redscale Horses

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    Horse stables while visiting my parents in Wisconsin, USA over holiday break. Taken with Sprocket Rocket, scanned without sprockets.

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  • Shooting Horses - Album 2

    shared by uncle_jay on 2012-02-26

    I had a blast taking photos of the horses that a friend of mine is helping to look after at the Singapore Saddle Club. In case you’re wondering about the names of the horses, the grey horse is called Cheetah, the small chestnut pony in paddock is Little Red, the dark bay horse with 2 white legs is Blackjack and the dark bay horse with all dark brown legs is Puddles. All these horses were former race horses put to pasture. They are the lucky ones. These photos were taken using a Nikon F601 SLR with a Tokina 20-35mm wide angle lens.

  • Sit down

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    This photo by comes from the archives of the former

  • Lomography Toronto Bus Tour

    shared by deepfried_goodness on 2011-10-14

    On a rather cool Thursday in September, the good people of Lomography Toronto invited about 15 of us local Lomographers on an evening bus tour of the city. It was very enjoyable. Thanks Jane.

  • Workers Neighborhoods in Colors

    shared by gregoriobruning on 2012-03-02

    These are the same workers neighborhoods of Curitiba: Sabará, Itaqui and Guarituba. First time i used slide film processed in C-41! I liked a lot! This fuji provia iso 100 gives great greens and fine grans! Unfortunately the digitalization is not that good... I think the combination Zenit ET + slide filme cross processed came up to be a very good idea!

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  • a day at the beach

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    10 and 12 December 2011 Documented the Whilst We Wait exhibit launch at the Lomography Magazine office in Makati with a few snaps with my Colorsplash. Used the same roll lomographing predeparture scenes at the airport and flight to Cotabato with staff of Philippine Human Rights Information Center using my LCA+.

  • a day at the beach

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    These were actually my first shots of Infrared, but I took the roll out and continued it later. These were without a tripod as well, so, sorry for the shakes.

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    you can see our first Lomomatrix here

  • Do androids dream of InfraRed sheep?

    shared by lazybuddha on 2011-09-27

    As I spent more time with her, my love for her grew, matched only by her apathy for me. But I didn't care, she was special and she made me feel special. She was popular in a way I could never have imagined. Just walking on grass felt like being on the red carpet and people came to my home day and night. I flattered myself it was me that drew them but I knew deep down they only sought a glimpse of her. She imbued even the most mundane with a surreal beauty and I envied her...envied her and loved her.

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    My little girl in a strawberry hat.

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    Took my Ensign Box Camera, circa 1918, out for a spin at Christmas. Love the 6x12 negatives.

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    Borawan Island is a pristine paradise. You won't find resorts here. If you plan to go overnight, you have to bring your tents, camping gears and food supplies. Fortunately there is signal for mobile communications. And if you thirst for a cold coke, you can just text an old woman caretaker on the other side of the island and she'll come paddling her boat to deliver your ice-cold coca cola. The island is getting popular among outdoor adventurists and rock climbers. I joined the Voyager Adventure Club's visit to this island during a break on our training for Mt. Apo. We enjoyed rappelling down the tall rock walls that greet visitors if coming from Padre Burgos side of Quezon province. Such a lovely place great for rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  • Dreaming

    shared by freyfrey on 2011-07-15

    In a dream you are in everything and everything relates to you. You want to sing to the sea but the sea sings to you. You are both lost and found, the good and the bad. you are everything and nothing. You could swallow the world or the world could swallow you. Which will happen first?

  • Dreaming

    shared by freyfrey on 2011-07-15

    In a dream anything is possible. You are still you but tonight you are a child and you play hide and seek in your memories. You play the games you always loved. Wait, no, you FELL in love! Oh dear, you cant remember. As you wake the dream flies away from you, like a kite with a broken string and it's gone.

  • elevator

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    She”s stuck on my elevator!

  • Teddy Heaven

    shared by adam_g2000 on 2011-11-07

    These poor guys were left on the side of the road next to a skip. Look how sad their eyes are. No, I didn't rescue them, but if you are near Point Chevalier Beach and the skip hasn't gone yet, maybe you can.

  • Kids in the playground

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  • Holga TLR Test Roll

    shared by adam_g2000 on 2011-11-17

    First time out with a Holga TLR!

  • Mookerheide Holga

    shared by ohpleasedontgo on 2012-01-06

    I also took some pictures with my beloved Holga. I used Fuji Velvia 100 film, which has expired in 2008. I didn't know what to expect, but I really love how the colours turned out. Please also have aloo at my Horizon pictures of the Mookerheide

  • Horizon at the Mookerheide

    shared by ohpleasedontgo on 2012-01-06

    After getting used to each other I took the Horizon for a walk at the beautiful 'Mookerheide'. After two rolls I finally like the results! Also take a look at my Spinner pictures of the 'Mookerheide'