Into the abyss

Credits: jasunmark

I make porn.

No really, that’s my day job. I’m a porn director and producer and blogger and photographer. I love my work but there are times that I wish I could get creative. Play with light and shadow and color and perspective. Double-expose, overlap images, have some fun with it all.

So with my new present of a Lomokino, a Sprocket Rocket and a DianaF+, I’m just… going to break that mold.

I love this picture. To me it looks like a demon/gargoyle guarding an abyss. But not a “bad” one. not the “gates of hell” or some other fiery doom-filled dungeon… but that jump-off place that I’ve kinda been scared to jump off for so long.

I left my regular, full-time salaried job for one of the big studios this year so I could go out on my own and work freelance. Which means that if I want to shoot some naked people with my new cameras… I can.

But the moment of leaving that job was exciting and scary. It meant that the predictable formula was going to get left behind and it was all up to me to make it work. And I will. This picture kinda sums it all up for me… there was something making it scary to just make that jump. But now that I have… the sky is the limit. Fo figure.

written by jasunmark on 2012-01-05