• Colours of Yellowstone National Park

    written by janisthewanis on 2008-05-09 #places
    Colours of Yellowstone National Park

    Ahh, Yellowstone, one of the tourist capitals of the world. My parents have a cabin nearby and so I have been there numerous times. As it is a tourist hot-zone, I typically try to avoid taking my camera, but I got suckered in one time and happened to have some slide film in there. I snapped a few and realized why people take their cameras and decided that I will always have one with me on future visits.

  • Wind Rivers

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    Wind Rivers

    The Wind River Wilderness area jumps out at you as you drive across the somewhat desolate state of Wyoming. Don't get me wrong I love Wyoming, you just have to know where to go. The Wind Rivers is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

  • Desert museum

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    Desert museum

    The desert museum is similar to a zoo, but a bit different. Everything that they have on display is from the desert, and is from the nearby vicinity.

  • Red Castle Lakes

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    Red Castle Lakes


  • Foz Do Iguacu

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    Foz Do Iguacu

    The town of Iguacu borders Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, not to difficult to find. This tourist Mecca boast the Foz Do Iguacu, and for good reasons. The largest waterfall in the world rests in this national park. The park has an Argentinian and a Brazilian side that are equally gorgeous. One can spend days viewing the falls from the walkways and bridges or one can take a helicopter tour or a boat tour. All of which are awesome.

  • Downtown Area

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    Downtown Area

    I visited my sister out in Washington DC for a week a while back and grew weary of the mall and all of the tourism that I'd been dealing with for the first few days. I decided to take my camera out for a stroll threw the city. No cabs, trains, metros, just feet.

  • Praia da Lagoinha do Leste

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    Praia da Lagoinha do Leste

    This beach is located on the south east side of the Island of Florianopolis. There is no road that you can take to the beach, and depending where you start it is a half mile to a mile walk to get there. You can take a little ferry boat from one of the closer more accessible beaches if that is your fancy as well.

  • Trail Dust Town

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    Trail Dust Town

    Here are few photos from Trail Dust Town in Tucson Arizona. A cheesy little relic of the old west. Of course they have a little troth for gold panning, an old photo studio (the kind where you dress up and hold fake guns and they print them sepia toned), gift shops, a live stunt show, and an arcade. As fun as this all is, a majority of the time I was pointing my Lubitel around with a bit of 70mm magic inside. You be the judge of the results. Take the afternoon, evening or what ever and have a hootin and hollerin good time. They have two restaurants there that aren't bad and plenty to see and do. I wouldn't plan on a full day as it's pretty small and there is a lot of other things to see and do in Tucson.

  • Provo River

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    Provo River

    The Provo River is not necessarily located in Provo, Utah. Though it runs through the city of Provo, the most visited areas of the river are long before the river reaches the city. This river is considered one of the best trout rivers in the US, for good reasons.

  • Washington D.C. Zoo

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    Washington D.C. Zoo

    Washington DC can be a fantastic vacation getaway spot. Watch out because there are a lot of people that think the exact same thing. I found that when you get away from the mall and take a nice stroll through the city there are many nice things to point your camera at. The city is very clean (at least parts are) and there are a ton of clubs and things to do that don't involve US history, if one is trying to get away from all that. Of course all the stuff that is part of the mall and US history is really nice too.

  • Seward

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    Seward Alaska lies right along the coast of the halibut capitol of the world. This means a lot of boats and a lot of fishermen (fisher people for the politically correct). A tiny little town with a lovely cosy atmosphere. For those touring Alaska, this is should be a definite location. If the skies are clear, which is rare for this part of the world, one can see the Fjords national park that lies across the bay. One can book a cruise or a tour from the park headquarters in Seward for a closer look at the walls of ice.

  • Salmon River

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    Salmon River

    Nestled up in northern Idaho runs the Salmon River. The middle section of the rivers is world famous (whether you've heard of it or not) for its white water rapids and scenery. One must set sail from the designated spot and the nearest outtake area is about 4 days float, if you move quick, and by quick I mean the speed of the water which is of course how fast everyone goes.

  • Ried Park Zoo

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    Ried Park Zoo

    This is not only a Zoo, but a park with several ponds, a dog park, little league baseball fields, Colorado Rockies practice field, golf course, tennis courts and public art centre (including public darkrooms). Yes folks this is the ultimate Lomographic location. You can go see the exotic animals in the zoo and later go to the ponds and feed the aquatic fowl. Pay a buck or two and take a little train ride around the park while your dog plays with more of its own species in the dog park. Pause for a chat with the old man with the metal detector searching for rare tokens and other precious metals. When you're done, head to the dark room to reveal what your camera thinks that you need to take home as memories. There is so much to do here that you can certainly revisit again and again.

  • Around Torrey

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    Around Torrey

    Check out the URL here because it describes the town far better than I ever could. I drove down to Torrey from Salt Lake City, Apx. 3 1/2 hours and stopped to get these landscape photos on the way. My sister got married in Torrey and I essentially drove down that day and back that night. Torrey is gorgeous as is the drive down there. Not a whole lot of towns and action on the way, but the vast landscapes make the drive worth while. Once in Torrey there is plenty to do from scenic drives, world class fly-fishing, a few

  • Goblin Valley State Park

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    Goblin Valley State Park

    Goblin valley is known for its creature like rock formations that formed in a valley. One is invited to stroll around climb on these formations. Inside the park however there are a number of campgrounds and slot canyons and neat alcoves. You can drive to the campgrounds and many are furnished with water and public restrooms for the ultimate camping convenience. Be careful with the lighting, the desert sun will have all your colours washed out early in the morning, and just until before sunrise. Pack up a roll of nice slide film and set your phone alarm and go get some pictures of the rising sun. Then get a water bottle and go find some caves and canyons and pick up some real nice reflected red light in the shade. This location is about 4 hours drive from any major airport, but there are also dozens of other national parks really close by. Worth the trouble to get there.