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As of late I have been on the lomography sight quite a lot. As in, I’m on here way more than I am on Facebook. One of my favorite things to do (shocker alert) is look at photos. It’s great that you can look them up by Cameras, Films, Tags, Counties, Cities, and even by Colors.
Once you click on a title that suits you, you can then search further down and click on a specific tab. You should then be at a page that has approximately 60 thumbnail sized photos. You also have the option to scroll through or skip pages. This is perfect for when you have already seen some photos. So what’s my point? This way of search is very limited and time consuming if you are looking for something very specific.
I own a Diana F+ and sometimes I like to just look at what other fellow lomographers are up too with this camera. Well, if you own one you are aware that you can purchase a 35mm Back + which means if someone posts a photo that is square and doesn’t tag that they used an a Back+ than it’s left for the person looking at the picture to divide. I know that I can deduce from the film type if it is 35mm or 120 but sometime you really can’t like with most of the Kodak series film and others.
Ok I’m willing to admit that I might be over reaching but how about simple requests. Like the times that I’d like to get a feel for a certain kind of film with a specific camera. The current way of searching is not conducive for this kind of search.
I hope it doesn’t sound like a rant. I honestly think that these changes would be a positive. And hopefully my voice (along with others) can help carry it through to fruition.
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written by jamiew on 2012-04-29


  1. wv_cactus
    wv_cactus ·

    What draws me here are film photography and real, everyday people who are just having fun. No criticism, just support for what your doing. Also like you mentioned, seeing what people are doing with cameras, film, places and so on...... Like your blog...........;)

  2. jamiew
    jamiew ·

    I completely agree. Thank you.

  3. dinospork
    dinospork ·

    Completely agree. This place is a massive store of data that is just not structured in a way that allows the consumers of the data to get to what they want to see. It would be great to, for example, look at pictures taken with a Pentax K1000 with Fuji Astia 100 shot at 200 ASO and cross-processed, but because different people may use different tags for all of those things, even just manually combing through the results from one of those tags is not a reliable way to see what's on the site. I think it would be great to see some time and effort invested into site navigation and search capability.

  4. jamiew
    jamiew ·

    That’s all I’m saying… for such a huge group of people to have this great forum of information, and ability to learn from photos. It would just be all the better if that information about each picture was better specified and easier to come by.
    Thank you!