Analogue For a Day!


I decided to give “going analogue” for a day a try. The inspiration was this competition:

Here is what my analogue day was like:

I chose a weekend for obvious reasons. I got up early as usual [for me, an alarm clock is unnecessary if I stick to a regular sleep/wake up schedule]. Then I did the usual chores, took my dog for a run around the neighborhood, did some homework, and had some friends over. We listened to some vinyl records, ate a simple meal, and had a nice chat. It was a fulfilling day.

It got me to thinking…

Many people all over the world live without TV, internet, cell phones, cars, and other modern devices. People like the Amish live content, full lives without the hustle and bustle of modern life. Personally I think that for the most part, many technologies cause us to grow apart from one another. For example, were it not for cars, we would all be living closer to our friends and family. I hardly get to see my extended family even though they live just a city or two away from me. Another example is the internet. We sometimes rely on social networking sites to keep in touch with each other instead of talking in person.

Things like Facebook and TV with half a million channels add meaningless complexity to our lives. These things don’t fulfill us. In fact, they tend to weigh me down. Surely I’m not the only one. While we sit at the computer or text, the Earth is being filled with the detritus of our modern lives—things like electronic waste. Ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Look it up on Wikipedia. It’s truly disgusting.

What will become of the junk, the noise, and the increasing isolation of modern life?

Technology has definitely improved our lives [medical science, for example], but it’s not without it’s drawbacks in my opinion.

EDIT: I tried to embed a picture, but it didn’t work :P

written by jaguarwomon on 2011-03-19


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    the garabage patch is so horrible and gross

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    Nice! =)

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    Great points!

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    Thanks everyone :)