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Fuji Fujichrome 400 (expired 1990) X-PRO

A Fuji Fujichrome 400 (expired 1990) film I shot with my Lomo LC-A (made in the USSR) on a scattered cloudy day and then cross processed.
I think I just shot it with my LC-A set on 400 asa and not even 100 or something as most people recommend when using expired 400 film.
My local photostore gave me the developed x-pro film for free, 'cause they said the film was blank. They didn't take a good look I guess.
This is actually on of the view shots that was left on the film after cross processing it. A lot of the shots where vanished (blank).
I scanned the shot with my Epson V600 on 2400 dpi, using colour correction & ice technology, restoring most of the picture that was still left on the film.

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