• Electric Feel

    written by j_robert on 2011-03-11
    Electric Feel

    On two warm summer nights, a fellow film student and myself shot a light painting film. We did it with a Bolex and 100ft of 250D, 16mm, color movie film. We wanted to push the limits of light painting, creating movement, rhythm, character, and conflict. So with the help of a few friends, we began our luminous conquest, one frame at a time.

  • Farewell Kodachrome

    written by j_robert on 2011-01-12
    Farewell Kodachrome

    Dear Kodachrome. I know we never met, but I'm sure we would have been great friends. Thanks for your hues and saturation that couldn't be matched. Consider this experimental film my ode to you.

  • Lomo In Motion

    written by j_robert on 2010-08-02
    Lomo In Motion

    The Lomo philosophy can sometimes be set into motion! With movie film formats such as Super 8mm and 16mm, Lomography can take on an entirely different nature, introducing time as another variable to be played with. (And the equipment just looks cool!) Allow me to explain and show you...

  • Your Whites Will Sparkle: Agfa Silvertone (35mm, 100 iso) User-Review

    written by j_robert on 2010-05-25 #gear
    Your Whites Will Sparkle: Agfa Silvertone (35mm, 100 iso) User-Review

    Gallery of a wide variety of experiments using Agfa Silvertone. I came across this film courtesy of Lomography and thought, "Why should color film have all the fun?"

  • Lego My Lomo!

    written by j_robert on 2010-01-20 #news
    Lego My Lomo!

    A small gallery of photos shot by my very own, homemade, Lego, pinhole camera.