A stroll in the park

Okay, funny story.

This pigeon right. I had seen pics of birds in flight and i was like “i want one!” when I was in riverside park, i saw the perfect opportunity. there he was, this pigeon just walking along the fence. my tactic was to run up to it and scare it and take the photo of the bird in flight. funny how that didn’t turn out too well.
I ended up running up to it, cornering the bird against the fence at the same time and where does it go? it can’t fly backwards because the fence is there. so…it flies directly into my face! i nearly bent my toe backwards jumping back in shock because i wasn’t expecting that! haha. after the experience, i regained consciousness. there was a lady and her child who witness the entire thing! she laughed. thanks for your sympathy woman. i tried to play it off and told her that pigeon is hardcore haha.

Credits: itsdebraanne

Maritime museum/riverwalk
This museum has been long closed down. In fact, I don’t even know if they relocated and reopened? I snuck onto the construction site bc the friendship park with an awesome fountain (which I wanted to take a pic of) was closed for renovations….deng gov people. anyway, i chose this part of downtown bc it sports a perfect view of downtown Jacksonville with the river. It’s kind of iconic. Jacksonville is also called the river city. With the St Johns river as its main. There are also the famous Seven Bridges of Jacksonville. but that’s another story (;

written by itsdebraanne on 2011-06-23