The improperly scanned film negatives before I buy a proper film scanner technique.

Here’s what you’ll need:
- Cardboard box
- Tape (regular scotch tape, to keep the negatives in place and packing tape to tape the box together)
- box cutter
- scissors
- blank sheet of computer paper/white paper
- sharpie
- digital camera (DSLR works best)
- flash light or some light source (i used the flashlight app for the iPhone4)

1. tape the box together but leave either the top or bottom open. (just like i have mine)
2. lay a piece of negative on the short side of the box and trace a medium sized window. this will allow you to see the negative through the inside of the box and light the negative from behind.
3. DiRECTLY opposite from the film window, use a sharpie to trace around the circumference of your lens.
4. CAREFULLY use a box cutter to cut out the holes.
5. next, cut out a piece of white paper slightly bigger than the film window. this will act as a diffuser to light the negative. because of you just shine a flash light at your negative, you’ll get some harsh lights.
6. use a small scotch tape to tape the negative to the window and then tape the white piece of paper behind it. (see picture as a reference)
7. either set the box on a table or on the floor next to the wall and position your camera in the lens hole.
8. light the negative with your light source.
9. depending on the zoom of your lens, you should see have a clear shot of the negative.
10. last thing to do is save the digital photos and iNVERT the color in Photoshop or any photo editing program.
if your budget doesn’t include the expensive Adobe Photostop CS3, go to and click on “Pixlr Editor.”

Here are my “scans” of the photos i took with my Sprocket Rocket.
mind you, as this is just an inexpensive way to digitalize your film, the results may not be as clear as you want. but what Lomographer cares about clarity, right? (:

Credits: itsdebraanne

just keep saving for that perfect film scanner and enjoy!

written by itsdebraanne on 2011-04-14