Kodak BW400CN: setting the wrong ISO

Kodak BW400CN is on the professional end of Kodak films.
It has extremely fine grain and outstanding sharpness which is what i love about black and white film.
What you HAVE to know is that even though it’s black and white film, you MUST NOT process in black and white chemicals. (if you look at the film box, this is written everywhere)
You can process this at any photo lab that offers color prints; process C-41 only.

ISO 400
24 × 36 mm // 24 exposures

This film is perfect for any camera. I used the film with my Konica C35 EF camera and noticed that my pictures didn’t look like what it should. Mostly because I never changed the ISO on the camera from previously using 100 film. Oops(:

I still like the pictures. take a look:

Credits: itsdebraanne

now go get a roll or two!

written by itsdebraanne on 2011-03-23