seventy two exposures out.

(( sad face ))
apparently, this 36exp Kodak 125ISO B&W Film is a non-C41 process film.
it took me 72 exposures to figure this out (( tears roll down my cheek ))
I used my first roll in my Canon AE-1 and when I brought it to be developed, the guy was like, “You gave me an easy roll. There ain’t nothing on it. Lol” and I was like, “hmm that’s weird I know my camera isn’t broken.”

my theory was that it was the camera cuz you never know.
to test that theory, I put the second roll into my Konica C35 EF camera. today, I finished the roll and drove to the nearest Walgreen’s. Little did I know the same thing would happen. The photo guy called and said “..I think it’s partially my fault cuz I didn’t check to see if it was a C41 process film. the canister doesn’t specify what process this film is and in assuming that you bought this film at a professional camera store. by that I suggest you check if the film is truly a C41 process film. cuz we only do that here. again, I apologize..” (( crying my eyes out ))

I even took the last 10 shots today around town and if I may say they were some pretty good shots
(( waaaah ))
so $12 and 72 exposures later, I now know to check if the film is C41 process. oy vey __

written by itsdebraanne on 2011-03-02