Konica C35 EF + Lomo 35mm Redscale 100iso film = amaZing.


Konica C35 EF

The Konica C35 EF is a compact camera. It had the nickname “Pikkari” in Japan. Introduced in 1975, the Pikkari was the first 35mm compact camera with a built-in flash. The C in the name stands for “compact”, the 35 for [35mm]] film, and the EF for “electronic flash”. Focusing is enabled by selecting preset distances on the rotating lens barrel, using the zone focus method. It was superseded by the fixed focus Konica C35 EFP and autofocus Konica C35 AF.


Lens: Konica Hexanon 38mm, f/2.8
Filter thread size: 46mm
Auto-exposure via CdS metering cell. Exposure setting is locked with half-press of shutter release button.
Shutter speeds: 1/60, 1/125
Focus range: 3.5m to infinity, with display of zone shown in viewfinder.
Integrated auto-flash, with automatic adjustment of aperture according to ambient light and focus distance. (Guide number: 14m at ISO 100. Recharge time: 5-7s).
Manual loading, advancing and rewinding of film.
Film Speed Range: ASA/ISO 25-400, set manually by turning disc around lens.
Power: Light meter requires a 1.3V PX675 mercury battery. A 1.5V button cell should work almost as well. Flash requires two AA alkaline batteries.

This camera is so easy to take pictures on. It’s a simple point ’n shoot camera but the coolest part why i bought this camera is that it looks like a SLR camera! You have the advance lever similar to that of the Canon AE-1 or Pentax SLRs. The shutter release apparently has a cable thread to attach a cable release but sadly no bulb setting ):

Through the viewfinder, you see this:

The focus icons on the left and the fixed apertures on the right, which is also the light meter’s battery level indicator. Pretty simple stuff.

Since the camera is NOT an SLR camera, the viewfinder is slightly off from the lens. You might have to just “shoot from the hip” so to speak and not look into the viewfinder at all to frame your shot.
I found out that this camera is great when you set the focus to infinity. The pictures came out perfect.

For some reason, these photos are flipped aka backwards. idk why. but it still looks cool! Lol***

Credits: itsdebraanne

But if you don’t measure correctly, you could end up with blurry images like these.

Credits: itsdebraanne

here are more random images..

Credits: itsdebraanne

Bottom line, I still love this camera! it’s my favorite point ‘n shoot so far. Right now I have B&W film in it and i’ll post another blog soon!

I’m doing a blog about this camera bc apparently, a review doesn’t list this type of Konica. pooh.

written by itsdebraanne on 2011-02-15


  1. nigelk
    nigelk ·

    Red scale looks like fun. I still need to try my first roll of it.

  2. rtmoratin
    rtmoratin ·

    It is flipped backwards because you shot in Redscale. Konica C35 EF user here, one of my favorites. :)

  3. zilin
    zilin ·

    Hey..! i like your photo so muchhh!! i 'm going buy this camers XDD