PX70 Colorshade Film: review.


Okay, so these films are VERY LiGHT SENSiTiVE!! you absolutely need to shield the film from light AS SOON as it leaves the camera. here’s what i found out…

Cloudy&sunny: little light leaks won’t hurt the outcome of the photo. just make sure you develop away from any light source. even though it’s cloudy, there’ll be just enough sunlight to produce a clear picture. it might be a lil underexposed depending how cloudy it is.

Credits: itsdebraanne

Indoor lighting: at my church, the stage lights were so bright yet the final image was still blurry. i guess the lens of my SX-70 camera is different than my eye bc to me the room was really bright. you really have to use a tripod or a steady surface to prevent blurred images.

^ the one of the left was handheld. the one on the right was set on a steady surface ^
Credits: itsdebraanne

^ these images above were taking with a tripod or a steady surface ^

^ for this photo, i went to an antique mall (where i found my TLR camera! haha) and in the store i saw this cool ship and thought “hey! that’d be a cool pic!” so i whipped out my SX-70 and tried to take a pic of it. i didn’t have a tripod nor a steady surface to put my camera on..and with the lighting they had, i took a risk and snapped a photo and in an attempt to stay VERY STiLL i stopped breathing!! haha the photo still came out blurry :/
^ this photo was taken with just holding the camera steady. since the jars were lit from behind, i got a pretty good shot. however, the jars on the top row were a bit underexposed. i still like this shot(:

Really sunny..! like no clouds to provide shade at all: use a dark bag or something thereof to protect the film from the light. pretend the film is a vampire haha. im serious. if you let light touch it, the film will (not explode into ash..instead) be overexposed. Sorry, Simba but everything the light touches isn’t yours!
in this photo, it was really windy and I was unprepared to catch the film. as soon as it left the camera, it was blown onto the pavement and landed blue-side up [[ iN THE SUN!!! ]] for 3seconds. i ran screaming NOOOOOO!! my image is overexposed ):

Credits: itsdebraanne

» Here are the various ways I’ve tried to shield my film:

i was photographing my Mamiya C220 TLR camera the other day. I have the Original SX-70 which doesn’t have a tripod socket, so I used my square-ish trashcan as a mount for my camera. heremy case would serve as the “film protector.” depending on your camera, the exit slit on my camera is kind of broken (i peeled the wrong thing to re-skin my camera) and the film just falls out. so i put my case to catch it.

my camera mysteriously hesitated and i kinda of shook the camera to try and troubleshoot but it was a fail ):
this is outcome of the photo:

Credits: itsdebraanne

i’ve seen people use the box as a shield:

so i gave it a try at the beach. it was a sunny day and i shielded the pick as soon as it came out the camera. my bag was higher up the beach so i walked to my bag with the film still in the box but the photo came out as this:

Credits: itsdebraanne

i sought help from the Impossible customer service and they told me that since the box is white, most of the light was refracted inside the box. and that light, which seemed very minimal and harmless, overexposed my images.

that was when I decided to do this:

i went blue-tape-crazy over an envelop that had a little “give” to it to fit over the front of the camera. this method was very successful on a super sunny day without any clouds or hope of shade. this is how my image came out:

Credits: itsdebraanne

conclusion: it took me 2 and a half boxes of PX70 film to figure this out. i hope i’ve helped you so that you’d get perfect shots from your first pack!

you can always refer to the Impossible-Project website for more tips&tricks.

Long live instant film!! ♥

(Source: http://www.the-impossible-project.com)

written by itsdebraanne on 2010-11-03

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    that is not a mini review great job .I felt your pain It took me along time and still have trouble with this film .I always us a black nylon bag from my ski gaggles works well but even with that the exposure is sometimes to bright ! I miss the artistic film they used to have it was way easier to handle !
    { :