Part 2 Sunny afterpartywalk

I’m a little bit tooo late, but I still want to finish the story. :) The day after my Diana-Dance the sun was shining. And i decided to go for a “little” walk. After 4 hours freezing, I had two full films.

After the cemetery my first film was full, but lucky me, I always have more then one film in my bag. :) I used a dm Paradies 200 Universal film, this was the first negative film I used with my Diana Mini. With the new film in my Diana Mini I walked in the city and I tryed to feel like a touriste. :) I love the architecture of Wiesbaden and here are finally some photos: This is the Kurhaus of Wiesbaden and the Theater. The office building was very importent to me, because I want at least one photo, before they demolish the whole building.

written by isilu on 2011-02-12