I’ve mainly been developing my own film just now, using Coffe Vit C and washing soda. If you interested have a look at the Caffenol page on Flickr, they have some great advice.
I’ve been buying cheap film from a certain pound shop! and developing it (colour film) in the recipe below:

200ml water + 1 and a half big vit C tablet and 5 teaspoons of coffee
200ml water + 3 and a half teaspoons of washing soda

mix together and pour into the film development tank, 17 mins, agitating. Pour out, rinse a few times, use some fixer for 5 mins (don’t pour down the sink, save a re-use). Then hang the film to dry!

Credits: ishtish

Thats a pretty abbreviated version, and its a really basic recipe. To get better results you can alter it, but it seems to be working ok for me, and so much cheaper than getting it developed at a shop.

Over and out!

written by ishtish on 2012-09-23

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    i have to try this...