• Bic Camera in Ikebukuro: Walking on Sunshine Dori

    written by laughing_giraffe on 2013-01-02 #places
    Bic Camera in Ikebukuro: Walking on Sunshine Dori

    Bic Camera is a famous camera store in Japan. It has many branch locations all over the country, and I was lucky enough to shop at the Ikebukuro branch during my trip this past November. I thought I’d take you along for a glimpse of my experience.

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  • Tungsten Time in NY

    shared by trw on 2012-05-13

    We spent spring break in New York City and saw all the touristy sites. I shot this roll with Lomo X Tungsten film and got colors I've never seen before. I love this film but wasn't wild about these colors. I think they are starting to grow on me though. I'm wondering if I over exposed this or if all the x-ray scanners at every attraction had something to do with the strange color shift.

  • Homemade Splitzer for La Sardina

    written by amkatya on 2012-09-07 #gear #tutorials
    Homemade Splitzer for La Sardina

    So, the other day while I was enjoing the photos made with the Splitzer, I've got an idea how to do this device at home, using improvised materials only.

  • Photography as Painting.

    written by grimoldieu on 2012-10-11 #gear #tutorials
    Photography as Painting.

    Photography is an art. Why not mix it with the painting? Here are a few small tips to turn your photos into paintings real :)