LCA + Wide Angle

I think there is some problem with my LCA Wide Angle Lens add on. Everything seems like a zoom burst and i don't know why


  1. jim721217
    jim721217 ·

    are you sure this is LCA Wide Angle Lens ?

  2. illegaltender
    illegaltender ·

    @jim721217 Yes it is :( I think there is something wrong with it and is out of warrenty so the lomo store would not cover it :(

  3. kylesherman
    kylesherman ·

    Looks like the tunnel vision one mate.

  4. illegaltender
    illegaltender ·

    @kylesherman I know dude. I suspect that lomography has accidentally put a tunnel vision lens in a wide angle box. haha

  5. kylesherman
    kylesherman ·

    Ahhh man! Still, really good pic!

  6. ooblue
    ooblue ·

    i know what problem with you lca wide angle lens , the third lens installed backwards .

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