A century is not forever

I once laughed at this guy at an art fair. He proudly told me that he shot 10 rolls of clouds just to "get it right".

Less than a year later, I found this demolition sight north of town. Whilst others saw a big dusty mess, I saw sculptures, I saw potentials for great pictures.

Watching this 102-year old giant flour mill slow got leveled to the ground, I felt an overwhelming sense of loss. It will be gone forever.

So for 6 months, I visited the site over and over again, trying to capture the mill's demise.

10 rolls? I shot this same building for at least 20 rolls.

Sometimes at sunrise, sometimes sunset. I have been chased away by the security, talked to ex-mill workers, even took pictures of the demolition manager...

Finally, I know what it feels like, to be a serious about my photos.

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