Street Party - Hong Kong Style


Once upon a time in the Victorian era, the British forced Indian peasants to grow opium poppies and then smuggled the illicit drug to Canton in South China. This led to two Opium Wars between Britain and the Qing Dynasty China in the 19th century and Hong Kong was ceded to the British Empire as a result.

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Over time, free drug trade morphed into all sorts of free trading between the far East and the West, and Hong Kong developed from a small fishing village into one of the most prosperous Cosmopolitan in the world. In 1997, the British handed over Hong Kong back to China and at the same time awakened the aspirations of her people for freedom and democracy.

Communist China does not like that.

Credits: ihave2pillows

Although universal suffrage is guaranteed by the Basic Law, Hong Kong’s mini constitution, the Hong Kong government played puppet to the strings of Beijing and almost 20 years on, the people of Hong Kong still cannot elect their own Chief Executive.

So every year on July 1st, the people of Hong Kong celebrate her reunification with China by taking it to the street demanding Voting Rights, rain or shine. Or typhoon.

To Universal Suffrage, Democracy and Freedom!

Credits: ihave2pillows

written by ihave2pillows on 2014-05-25


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    @avola Thank you so much for the encouragement :-)

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    The first and the third pictures are amazing

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    @holgardo Thank you! That was the first time I felt it was worth buying the Horizon :)