I took a chance and completed a lens modification on my 120N. I forced the lens to turn past it's "1M" (the single man picture) stopping point, and altered it's effective "close focus" range by allowing a full 1 1/2 turns more rotation of the lens. The result is a closer focal point than is allowed with the stock lens. Here are some of the things I accomplished after the modification.


  1. dhuffone
    dhuffone ·

    Sweet Mod! Why aren't they square?

  2. idigtulsa
    idigtulsa ·

    This is only my second roll of 35mm to run through my Holga, and I've yet to get the lab to scan them in using the 120 mask so that I can get the whole image. The tech is re-scanning them for me tomorrow, so I could have waited to post them but I was just too excited.

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