The Day I Left The Digital Grind Behind


UPDATE: The links to my albums from my Analog Day:

Woke up at exactly 7am, without using my mobile phone’s alarm clock! Cool!

I started my day by loading three films on three different cameras. My plan was to rewind each film after shooting one-third of the roll then put them in another camera, in rotation.

Cameras: Lomo LC-A+, DianaF+ with 35mm back and Vivitar HP camera ( a giveaway from HP)
FIlms: Kodak E200, Elitechome100 EBX and Redscaled Superia400.

Credits: icuresick

Placed masking tapes at the back of every camera, and wrote notes on what films I’m supposed to use and which frame to start shooting.

I checked the weather by looking at the sky, I was hoping for a good weather because i’m going to shoot a street painting event. It was partly cloudy a little saddening but a sight of a cat sleeping on the neighbor’s roof made me smile. A bonus from checking the weather the traditional way!

Before I left home, the landline telephone rang! I answered it as a part of being analog! It was a call for my father :P

And so, I rode a Pedicab and a Jeepney on my way to the street painting event at Reliance corner EDSA, in Mandaluyong.

Credits: icuresick

It was actually more of a Parking Space Painting Contest, but so nice to see people paint using real paints and brushes. No Photoshopping :) I wanted to see the final output of the entries, but I have an itinerary and I must follow that so I could maximize my day.

Credits: icuresick

I ate lunch in a Turo-turo near the venue of the painting contest. From the root word Turo (point), you literally point what you want from the viands displayed at the store. Then bought fresh coconut juice across the street for refreshment. How was that for going analog?! :)

Checked the paintings one more time then left the site.

After an hour or so, I was at Hidalgo, the Photography Mecca of Manila (and Philippines), to get the prints from the photo lab. I wasn’t just glad that I got nice prints, but I also got FREE two rolls of Euro Color films! That’s two more rolls of Analog goodness! And FREE old school type of photo album where you insert the photos from the side :)

Credits: icuresick

Then another jeepney ride and I was at SM Centerpoint Mall. I know they have this P10 movie festival, where they show old films for only P10 (plus P5 tax) instead of the usual P150 ticket price. I was on time for the screening of Hurt Locker!

Credits: icuresick

Before going home, I went to Teresa street, near my former university. Ate the magical Flying Saucer and Mango shake! The best combination after a class. Flying saucer is a kind of bun with corned beef or adobo fillings.

When I arrived home, I started doing home-made postcards. I glued the 4R photos to the A4 photo papers, cut them, then placed lines at the back.

Credits: icuresick

It was not really hard to live without mobile phones and internet. We have everything we need, long before they arrived. We can use Yellow Pages for addresses and maps. Look up at the sky for the weather. Ask some policemen for directions. And always wear wristwatch, but if you left yours at home (which happened to me unintentionally) you can always sneak at the watch of the person beside you at the bus! :D

Here is the cat I mentioned above:

Credits: icuresick

written by icuresick on 2011-03-21


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    good job ;)

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    i still dont think i can do this -_-

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    What an Analogue Challenge!!! i luvv your sketches too :))

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    fantastic blog entry!!! kudos for being analogue all the way!

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    Inspired me to experience the Analog Day Challenge for myself! :)

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    you have nice handwriting

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    good job! I like how you did your postcards. Good idea for my xmas postcards this year! I also like how you documented your analog day. Ayos!

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    The best blog entry I've read for this rumble so far!

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    Astig! Kudos!

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    Don't forget my post card! hehe!

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    Awesome job Cusi! Postcards for Analog Nation :)

  13. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    Awesome job Cusi! Postcards for Analog Nation :)

  14. icuresick
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    Thank you so much guys! I hope this blog post will inspire you to try the challenge as well :)

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    Don't forget my postcards! :) Enjoy! More analog days to come! :D

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    It did. Now looking forward to having an Analogue day or two like you. ^^

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    Pre, paano mag embed ng photo? alang lumabas na picture sa blog ko.

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    galing, that's one heck of a challenge. congrats!

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    wow! no internet and mobile phone for 24 hours! congrats!
    I'm planning to do that also... someday! hehe

    very nice blog entry! love it! :)

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    inspiring!!! :D

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    yoohoo... nanalo na't lahat, wala pa din yung postcard ko. hehehe... congrats, erick!

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    Great job! Manila lomo god! Congratulations!

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    Congrats!!! I enjoyed reading your article. Those sketches & photos are really cool!

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    Thank you guys! :)

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