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Last week I submitted a photo at their website (, for the theme Next Generation. This is different from the New Generation Rumble here at LSI (, but same theme.

Here is their email:

Hi Erick,

we recently decided which submissions will be taken to make up the next deinblick issue. We are happy to say, that your contribution about Cosplaying was chosen.
Congratulations your picture and article will be presented to an international audience, your name aside!

Therefore we need some help to make up a nice looking page and give the reader some more information.
Can you tell some 6 to 7 sentences why you have chosen this very picture and what Cosplaying is all about?
Since you are from the Phiippines, do you speak Filipino? Can you provide your abstract about Cosplaying in Filipino as well?
As our last e-Mail told you, we will from now on make deinblick multi-lingual. As we cannot speak each an every language we like to ask you for your support!

Thanks a lot

Magno-nosebleed na naman ako sa pagsagot ng questionaires! Hahaha

written by icuresick on 2011-01-03


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    Thanks Lomo friends!
    @Chino I'm gonna shoot na the film you sent for doubles! I'm not gonna use Splitzer anymore ha. haha