my very first lomo pictures


the whole story is quite long and quite boring. i was given a digital camera for my birthday two years ago and…

here are the very first lomo pictures i took with toycameras, my very first analog pictures.


written by icomewhenieatcaponata on 2011-06-14


  1. daniele
    daniele ·

    sempre più convinto che tu sia un genio.

  2. hanifmaidin
    hanifmaidin ·

    welcome to the dark side haha

  3. katyboo123
    katyboo123 ·

    Wow, check out my first album, well technically my second attempt - my first was completely unexposed and blank. And thank your lucky stars for your first pictures - amazing I have serious first-picture-envy! X

  4. izzzart
    izzzart ·

    welcome .. you do not lose heart in the world LOMOGRAPHY .. very interesting picture of you .. beautiful .. hahahaha :-)

  5. thefocalpoint
    thefocalpoint ·

    wow, these are really cool! i especially like the last one ;)