First Best Photo

I took this photo on the second roll of film I ever used with my holga. I have been pretty bummed by the first roll. I thought I was shooting color but when I got it back I realized it had been black and white. All of the neat effects the color splash were not there. So, I was determined to put that colorflash to good use with the next roll. After taking about 2/3 of the roll and using a different color on every frame I thought I might give a regular snap a go. It was mid morning in January and I sat on the ground to take a photo of my car. I took a few more photos, mostly with colored flashes and finished off the roll. As I was going through the film when I got it back I came to this picture. It was my first best photo. It had just about everything I had hoped for when I first got my holga. A close up photo that was nice and in focus, background was blurred, nearly perfectly centered, and a faint hint of vignetting around the edges That was just a few months ago but I still think its one of the best photos I have taken and it was certainly my first best photo.

written by ianaggie on 2011-04-10