• Polaroid 600 Estreme

    shared by sidsel on 2011-07-27

    Shots of my dogs taken by a 10 y.o. me back in the uear 2000. My first dogs and my first camera.

  • Quiet

    shared by sidsel on 2011-06-08

    If it's true that the man is a social animal as Aristotle said, it is also true that we all need some time on our own. Whenever I feel overwhelmed and feel like I can't take it any longer, I try to leave the city I live in. If I can, this wonderful village in Southern France is where I'm headed for: Saint Paul de Vence. The inhabitants are mostly artists or artisans, the weather is always sunny and the quiet is granted. Beauty is everywhere: the trees, the hills, the few clouds, the people, the fountain in the centre of town, the houses. The cemetery. I've found my own secret corner in a deserted road secluded by trees right above the cemetery. I can assure you there's no place like this one to enjoy the silence and the sounds of nature without going too far from the civilization we all, luckily or unfortunately, belong to.

  • Valentino

    shared by sidsel on 2011-06-14

    1800-built medieval castle in Turin, Italy