365 days Project - Day 256 - Thursday 13 September 2012 - The Eighth Note Above ( 3120 m. ) Sea Level

Poon Hill, the eighth note at 3120 metre over the sea level. Poon Hill…reachable and returnable…I’m not talking about leg or body strength but I’m talking about mind strength… when having to walk alone not knowing when to reach destination and not knowing what the way would look like…Although we had seen some picture and had known some info from friends but anyyyyy way, it couldn’t compare with walking by ourselves. Mind strength is the absolute necessity and then my heart beats rhythmly sounded up up up up walk walk walk walk. Destination is not the victory line. The rushing habit shouldn’t be applied here…but it’s the journey moment, the pause and breathing. Fill the lung with pure air, listen to the eighth note at 3120 metre above sea level. Look around, the nature that can’t be found in the city. Look back to ourselves, how weak we are, only a few steps make us so tiring. I have to thanks friends for special dose of motivation and words I slowly sip through five days that say if mind think “reach”, we will “reach” and I have “reached” Poon Hill where minute hand moves slowly, waking up before rooster, meeting new friends, getting hospitality in tough time, confirming travelling alone doesn’t mean lonely. And even though Himalaya not showing up for us to see, but I had a great time anyway…Looking at postcard first…for now and hope to see the next time around. At the end, may I quote my favourite writer that once wrote “Travel – know the world less than would, know ourselves more than should” Are you ready for heart exercising and getting to know yourselves trip?

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