First Attempts


Well, here I am. I took some time off from film photography the past few years, but upon hearing a friend’s enthusiastic review of Lomography cameras, I was suddenly inspired to pick up my manual film SLRs again. Missing from my collection was a Lomography camera, a dilemma I quickly remedied upon a visit to NYC in March, 2014. I found a lovely teal Diana F+ camera with zebra print and spent that weekend and the one that followed just snapping away around the city. I didn’t stop there, once I returned home to Pennsylvania I made it a point to plan for Film Photography Day, and went shooting on April 12th as well. I now look for every opportunity I can find to go shooting again, and I love it. I do have a digital camera, which I may use now and then, but I really want to make film a priority again like I used to. I recently had 4 rolls of film developed, two of which were expired, and the results were much better than I thought they would be. I have 7 more rolls to get developed, and probably 15 blank rolls to use. I may be developing a problem, no pun intended. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pictures from this batch of “First Attempts”:

Credits: hqreul

written by hqreul on 2014-04-18

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    Welcome back!