Soon a lomographer :)


Everything’s in the summary, maybe I should talk about me then ^^
The name’s Olivier Sylvestre, you could call me Sylvz or something like that. Living in Québec, Canada, very near from Montréal (15 mins to get there without traffic). well.. what could I say more..
I’m a bass player, but I’m no good at all haha :) I love music, especially alternative rock music and indie classified things… and.. that’s it :D

written by holydarkyfied on 2010-11-05

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  1. brettac
    brettac ·

    I would have to say the LC-A+. I love mine and I can't think of another Lomo camera that i would rather have. I would like to have the Lubitel 166+ but i wouldn't trade it for my LC-A+