The Holga: Singapore Tour 2009 (9th Jun - 26th Aug), was inspired by another Holga tour that was international instead. When the participant, Azzzy, decided to participate in the international Holga Tour, he paused for a moment and asked himself: Hey, why can't Singapore have a tour of its own? And so our journey began.

Given the humble size of our Lion City, it was easy to ensure the smooth delivery of the tour package from participant to participant. A certain level of trust was required between all the participants and organisers, and, as can be seen from the package safely reaching its final destination, in the hands of Azzzy, every one's trust was not misplaced.

The tour's aim was to have each participant shoot 12 shots of the area that they were most familiar with (most commonly the neighbourhoods that they each lived in), make a mark on the box, make a mark on the camera, and leave a note in the notebook provided. To add to the fun, each participant was to stick his or her hand into the magical bag of colourfully wrapped film rolls and choose a mystery roll of film for the tour! Which was a mystery until they unwrapped their rolls, of course.

Congratulations to all the participants, organisers, and sponsors of this event, and a big thank you from the organisers, to all who gave their support and encouragement to make this tour a successful one (and our camera a happy one), and to all who will continue to do so!

In our Lomowall you will see the compilation of all of the shots taken by each of our 25 participants. We hope that everyone will enjoy our little lomographic summary of our sunny country, Singapore!

Welcome to Singapore, through the plastic lens!


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