The Raven

"Be that word our sign in parting, bird or fiend," I shrieked, upstarting- "Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore! Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken! Leave my loneliness unbroken!-quit the bust above my door! Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!" Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."


  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    :)))))))))) Nice!

  2. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    Thanks @saidseni

  3. kekskonstrukt
    kekskonstrukt ·

    cool idea!

  4. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    Thank you @kekskonstrukt

  5. wolfinthewoods
    wolfinthewoods ·

    Great album & idea !

  6. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    Thank you @wolfinthewoods

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