Seven years later

I lived most of my life at Cuautitlán Izcalli, a small city in the suburban area of Mexico City. Using the México-Querétaro Highway, my house was 40 kilometers away from the geographical limit of Mexico City. In theory, those 40 kilometers could be covered in 30 or 40 minutes; but, as you know, reality resists idealization. So, in a normal day, you could spend one and a half hour or even 2 hours to cover the distance; in a bad day, three hours.

My high school was halfway those 40 kilometers; my university campus, almost at the end. Many of my friends and loves lived at Mexico City. Cuautitlán Izcalli used to be quite small back this days (it has grown since then) so if you were looking for concerts, a good library or bookstore, museums or galleries, you needed to travel those 40 kilometers. So my life was closely linked to that 40 kilometers for about 10 years. I didn’t owned a car back then, so I spent many hours of those ten years in buses and bus stops.

I was obsessed with that route, so my first serious photographic project consisted in documenting those 40 kilometers with a pinhole camera loaded with B&W film. I applied for and obtained two grants to do it, so I spent the next year and a half working on that.
Here are some of the images

Seven years have passed since. Now I live in another city, in another state. I travel to Cuautitlán Izcalli for a few days each 3 or 4 months to visit my family. I’m slowly working on documenting those 40 kilometers again, this time using color film on a Lomography Horizon Kompakt.

I´m trying to photograph the same spots.

1. This is Lechería. A really messy bus stop. Chaotic, even a little dangerous. Back this days I didn’t really had a reason to wander around this place, but I just loved all that noise and movement. Sometimes, in my way back home from school I stopped at that place just to have a cigar.

Credits: holgardo

You can see the first photo here

2. This is Valle Dorado. My high school is near there and my best friend from those years lived near that bus stop too. A small shopping mall is at this bus stop, and a great coffee shop with turkish style coffee used to be inside the mall. I’m a coffee lover, so I spent lots of time around here.

Credits: holgardo

You can see the first photo here

3. This is Satelite. A huge shopping mall is there. I must say I hate shopping malls and specially hate this one. Nevertheless I spent lots of hours there because a great music store and a great book store are there. You also can find a decent cup of coffee.

Credits: holgardo

I really liked the way this picture came out because the the first one ( ) was taken from almost the same point of view.

Seven years had passed and my life has changed in so many ways. This is an attempt to reconstruct my memories.

written by holgardo on 2014-05-15