Hodachrome's Photo Exhibition in March


Hodachrome is going to hold a Photo Exhibition “Dream or Reality?” from March 5-10, 2013.
All the photos are taken by LOMO LC-A/LC-A+, Holga, Sprocket Rocket and etc, mainly photos of 2012. You can see my multiple, cross processed, redscaled and EBS works. Some photos might be known as “Most popular photos 2012” or awarded many other prizes on Lomography, or were exhibited on domestic/foreign galleries, websites or magazines.
I just want you to enjoy hodachrome’s magical and fantastic analogue-world with me!
Plus you can purchase my photo book or other goods related to my works in the gallery!
Yeah, I know it’s so far from your place, but I promise this exhibition won’t disappoint you at all.
Looking forward to your visit!! :) :) :)

*Date and Time: 2013/3/5-10 AM11:00-PM6:30 (-5:30 on last day)
*Place: Art Space A-1 (1-24-28, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City,Aichi Pref)
このたび、hodachromeのロモグラフィー写真展、"Dream or Reality?"を名古屋市で開催いたします。
主にLOMO LC-A/LC-A+、Holga、Sprocket Rocketで撮った作品を中心に構成しております。

■日時:3月5日(火)-10日(日) AM11:00-PM6:30(最終日は5:30まで)
■場所:アートスペース A-1 (愛知県名古屋市中区栄1-24-28)

Credits: hodachrome

written by hodachrome on 2013-02-12


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    very cool, best of luck, Cheers!

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    oh my do it again next year Hodaka! I will attend! Cheers and just sooo great!

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    Awesome! :)

  9. hodachrome
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    @kangiha, @dakadev_pui, @atria007, @alloftheabove, @kiri-girl, @134340, @grazie and @feelux
    Thanks so much for your kind words! =)

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    Thanks very much for your kind words!! =)

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    Congratulations!!!! I would be there if I weren´t sooooooo far (Argentina)!

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    Very Exciting! Congratulations!

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    @julietahb, @schlogoat and @vici
    Thanks!!! Waiting for your visit!

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    all the best for the exhibition. congrats.

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    dreamy and real