hello welcome to my dialy activity

I want to enjoy and explore life. new things, different, unique, challenging, fun!loves surprises!Love goin else. where i've never been.love love travelling and happiness.

I wanna learn as much things as i can and test myself where I can stand.

I was advised to analyse every seconds in life, making sure each second leads to what u want to achieve, it's a wise thing to do before an act but i think it's also good to waste some seconds to spoil yourself in life.I like to live part of my life in my dream, somehow it does encourage me to work harder. i imagine one day i will be able to tour all the beautiful places around the world. waaaw i like it.

People plan, people want lotsa things in life! Talking without action, that's very silly too! Well, im just trying to achieve the best in life. Don't give up too easily and don't just sit there with a thousand wishes. Don't live in your dream, live your dream.