My Top 17 Favorite Indonesian Lomographer


When I’m try to celebrating Indonesian independence day last year with writing down my 17 Indonesian favorite lomographer , I’m quite surprise with a lot of positive response that I got. So I try to search again another 17 Indonesian lomohomes that I think will be my favorite this year. 17 is a special number for Indonesia because our independence day was on August 17th, 1945. Check after the jump.

This is my 2013 Top 17 Favorite Indonesian Lomographer in alphabetical order

1. Ace Raden @aceradendesenasuria

I think he is the youngest analogue lover in Bandung. He start using analogue camera since he was in junior high. And I met him also at vinyl lover gathering . Great retro hobbies for teenager.

Credits: aceradendesenasuria

2. Achmad Fauzi Magabutz a.k.a. Apaw @achmad-magabutz

Jakartanese who studied cooking in Bandung. He is a happy snapper who enjoy to experimenting with the technique such as D.I.Y. masking or redscaling. We only met twice at my first lomowalk and the last lomowalk, but he is very active in Lomonesia’s facebook fanpage.

Credits: achmad-magabutz

3. A. Ghitsa @git_redshot1108

Liverpudlian who also a tennis player. He was active in Lomonesia Bandung more longer than me.

Credits: git_redshot1108

4. Alvin Sebastian @spidey27

Alvin is polaroidgrapher from Bandung. When we met on his first lomowalk he showed us his polaroid photo collection and I was drooling in every photo he showed. He loves travelling very much and bike to campuss person which is very rare in Bandung, the city of thousands polluting motorcycle. He also enthusiast with lomography camera and some old analogue camera.

Credits: spidey27

5. Andaru Bebop Waskito @bebopbebop

The second Indonesia Lomo Guru after @adi_totp . Bebop is an art student in ITB, majoring in textile. He scan his film by himself. He also love to do filmswap. On my previous top 17 he wondered if he would be on the next year list. But he already on lomography international list first as Lomo Guru before I made this list =)

Credits: bebopbebop

6. Anggia Risma Putri @anggia

I met her once on Film Photography Day lomowalk with @adi_totp @istionojr @taufik_rachman @spidey27 Adi told us that he and Anggi was the winner of lomography competition in long time ago. She also active at Lomonesia Bandung long time ago before I join this analogue club. And she loves her country very much because on every camera she bring there is always a little red and white flag on it =)

Credits: anggia

7. Anthony Junior @ping-junior

Bebop’s bestfriend. The owner of Instaxshop, the only (correct me if I’m wrong) store which sold new analogue camera and the stuff in my hometown, Bandung. When I met him at the first time, he is very friendly. And he always think positively. He have been Lomo Home Of The Day.

Credits: ping-junior

8. Arkyan @lomonesia

The youngest Indonesian lomolover that I ever known. He is very active at lomonesia facebook fanpage since he was in eleven years old.

Credits: lomonesia

9. Bima Putra Andhika @bimahadik

Live in a beautiful island name Kalimantan or in English dictionary called Borneo, Bima is also active at Lomonesia’s facebook fanpage. He is very kind when he sent me two of his Kodak 800 ISO when I was joking that I want to try the film and I write it on his Kodak 800 ISO photo comment.

Credits: bimahadik

10. Ibrahim Febriyana @debi4n

Lomonesia Bandung’s map direction =) We always ask his suggestion first when decide to do where when do lomowalk. Information technology college student who also a train enthusiast. The source for us to ask about oldiest camera such as Nikon, Canon, Yashica, etc.

Credits: debi4n

11. Irhamesar @irhamesar

From Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan or English called South Celebes. He is not afraid to try every film eventhough sometime he has a strange result from the film that he bought and share it at lomonesia facebook fanpage for asking suggestion.

Credits: irhamesar

12. Kokok Kokang Kunojoyo @kokokkokang

Sound engineer from Sidoardjo, Jawa Timur or English dictionary called East Java. I never saw him using slide film but his color negative film photo are just adorable. He is kind of person who use his heart and intuition very much. You can see it on his photo series of his daughter. Just like me, he is the fans of French Middle East descent singer, Hindi Zahra.

Credits: kokokkokang

13. Meita Singgih @meitads

She is a college student who studied in English. What a dream place to live. Recently we did filmswap but my film was stolen by someone. I sent her another film again and she told me that this she has receive my film. Can’t hardly wait to see the result.

Credits: meitads

14. Muhamad Salman @vonkrueger

Active in Komunitas Aleut, he has entering many “hard to enter place” such as Swarha, underground at jl Sumatera, etc. He have an antique Smena camera.

Credits: vonkrueger

15. Poppy Rahayu @poppyprongs

Another art student from ITB who also very skillfull playing violin. I met her twice at Dago car free day but I didn’t talk to her because she was busy concentrating to play with her orchestra =)

Credits: poppyprongs

16. Taufik Rachman a.k.a. Opik @taufik_rachman

My paternal cousins, but it’s not because Opik is my cousins I put him at this list. He is a truely happy snapper who like to snap children. For him snap with his Holga & Recesky camera is a fun activity. I really miss the time when I’m not very serious think about the concept of my photo, just like Opik did, have fun.

Credits: taufik_rachman

17. Zeka Linova @zekalinova

Apaw’s bestfriend. He is very friendly and La Sardina lover. Just like Apaw I seldom meet him because he is very busy with his college at the same campuss with Apaw.

Credits: zekalinova

written by hervinsyah on 2013-08-08


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