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I remember my shock expression in my heart when the first time I bought Kodak EBX back in 2008, “What, Rp 38.000 ($ 4)?!!!” But finally I bought my first slide film which was three time more expensive than the usual film that I always use, kodak negative film that cost Rp 13.000 ($ 1). I can’t believe I only bought one Kodak EBX at that time, because I thought the rest of 50 or 100 piece of it will never sold out on the next month. After using it and very surprisingly happy with the result, I come again next month to Kamal, the only store which sold Kodak EBX in Bandung, Indonesia. But I get shock again after the shopkeeper said that Kodak EBX was sold out. Since then I always come to Kamal every month, but they haven’t put the stock yet. Until the next six month they sell lot of Kodak EBX with fresh condition, they never sell expired Kodak EBX. But this time the price are increasingly into Rp 42.000 T – T Learn from my experience, I bought ten of Kodak EBX, lucky me they give me 10% discount =D
Credits: hervinsyah
Using Kodak EBX more often made me bored and want to try another slide film. But it’s very hard to find another slide film in my hometown. This is the most important thing that I learn then, get to knowing more with other analogue lover, cause they can give you lot of information you need. Since I know lomography from Oki (read my previous blog =), I only depend the info from him. Then I join lomonesia and lomonesia Bandung on facebook group. From there I get the info about people who sold slide film. Then I met Satrya Rudana who sold 50 pieces Fuji Provia ISO 100 that expired in 1997 for only Rp 1.600.000 (Rp 32.000 each). This film are one of my fave, cause many people in group said that too long expired film are always make blank or dark result of the cliche. But thank God it never happen to mine =D
Credits: hervinsyah
My favorite slide film seller is Seni Abadi, the first photo store in Bandung. They sold the most cheapest slide film in town with price Rp 42.500 until Rp 45.000. But they only sold it every once (this time twice) year. And always sold out. So I always bought 10 of it. Mostly they sold Fuji slide film, such as :

Fuji Astia ISO 100

Fuji Velvia ISO 50

Credits: hervinsyah

Fuji Velvia ISO 100

Fuji Velvia 100F

Fuji 50D

Credits: hervinsyah

Most of it are expired film, but they have sold Fuji Provia 100F with fresh condition. At that time the price which Rp 60.000 was quite expensive for me. But I bought two of it because I haven’t try it and I know it will be sold out tomorrow. Unlucky me, when I use it at precious moment on the first Bandung Air Show in 2010, from 36 exposure, only one photo which appear “normal” cause the rest of it are underexposure or blur T-T

Oh, I almost forgot, I also bought Kodak EB from Seni Abadi, which I love the green result
Credits: hervinsyah

But I’m very disappointed with Kodak EL ISO 400 expired that I bought from the same store, cause the color didn’t appear like slide film color =(

Credits: hervinsyah
Fuji Sensia is one of my favorite film because it’s produce velvet color like tungsten film. But I’m very shocking after using Fuji Sensia ISO 400 expired in 2010, cause the color are not that I expected. After sharing at group, people told me that the velvet one is ISO 100. T-T Quite disappointed for Rp 50.000 Fuji Sensia ISO 400 More viewing lot of photo at this site made wanna try lot of amazing slide/infra red/bw film that I haven’t try before. One of it is AGFA CT Precisa. It’s very unique film which produce unique color. But the price on few online reseller in my country are quite expensive. Until one day Chris Ratanata a.k.a. @kuryzu sell this film for Rp 78.000. Then I ask him can I get the discount if I bought 10 of it? He said yes. OMG, he’s very kind for people that he never know before (at that time =). And then I get 10 roll of AGFA CT Precisa for Rp 700.000. Lucky me =D My efficient mechanism defend of saving account finally broke when I come to Instax shop in my hometown. I remember few days before people in group told that lomography tungsten stock are empty in Indonesia. So I really want to try this film before it really gone from my country. This film was the most expensive film I ever bought, Rp 250.000 ($ 25) for 3 roll. But the result is wothed it. I never regret. My only regret I forget that I haven’t use one of it and I feel that I have use it. So I take it to the lab to process it, but I’m very sad after the lab employee told me that the roll was empty T-T I lost one of precious tungsten film =(((((((((
Credits: hervinsyah
And today I bought Kodak Supra color negative film ISO 400 cost Rp 50.000 ($ 5) the most expensive color negative film I ever bought after Kodak Portra Tungsten color negative film ISO 100 cost Rp 45.000 ($ 5). And still many film that I haven’t try yet. I always get wrong when considering to buy expensive film.

written by hervinsyah on 2012-10-07


  1. dreadworx
    dreadworx ·

    I love EBX but too bad for Kodak..:(
    Fuji stopped Sensia too!!
    i really wish to go Bandung soon!!!

  2. catstrindade
    catstrindade ·

    I love to use ILFORD films.
    Black and white it's pretty good... but I remember that when I bought my first ilford I was like "whaaaat? I can't buy this. too expensive". But you know what? If we love lomo, we have to do something beautiful and with meaning to us.

  3. chilledvondub
    chilledvondub ·

    Kodak Ektar! the best anywhere you can find it worth any money you pay for it

  4. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @dreadworx : Me too, too bad cheap slide film are sold out here T-T Thanks for like & comment =D

  5. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @catstrindade : Me also, I bought Ilford PAN back in 2005, the price under $ 2 at that time. I'm very regret not bought many T-T Yes, I know that, I also on searching cheap infra red color film now =9 Thanks for like & sharing =D

  6. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @chilledvondub : I haven't try it, but want to try it someday if I found it ^_^ Thanks for like & sharing =D

  7. dreadworx
    dreadworx ·

    Future is analogue!!! ;)

  8. babaracus
    babaracus ·

    great and generous text but, i refuse! last time i shared info with many people like this, some bright ones lit a light in their heads, swept away the whole stock quickly and put it on websites like e.ay on sale, for a much higher price!

  9. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @babaracus : It's ok, your experience also happen to us here in Indonesia. Now slide film is very expensive. I can't find Kodak EBX which price Rp 43.000 (under $ 5) anymore in my hometown. By the way this write aim is to know the rate price of some film, but maybe just like you said, the price is played by the seller. Nowaday people are aware that slide film is precious and that's why the price is getting high. Oh, thank you very much for like and sharing, I really appreciated you take your time to read this =D

  10. pawlikdoc
    pawlikdoc ·

    i don't know if i can say something useful here, but i bought 7-8 rolls of Kodak Ektar 25 film few months ago. It has expired date 1998. I got it from ukrainian analog of ebay and payed 3$ for one roll with 35 exposures. The results you can see in my lomohome or just searching by tag(there aren't many photos with ektar 25).
    Also i bought 2 rolls of Kodak Ektachrome 64T expired, with the same price.
    My doubles from it were strangely light blue. I'll try to shoot second roll with my Zenit...…

    Interesting thing was to reverse Kodak Ektar, that makes him much more dark in addition to expired date and low iso. So i got only few normal shots from 36.…

    Also i have experience with such rare for Ukraine films as Revue Color 100 and Perutz SC200, both expired approximately in 2008.
    I like Revue 100 very much, it has quite bright colours, and is normally used as ISO 50.…

    Perutz with stated ISO 200 was found not normal for shooting with ISO 100…
    So next time I shot it as Iso 25 and lower.…

    Price is not above 3$ for one roll, but now below..

  11. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @pawlikdoc : Wooowwww, it's more than thank you very much for complete info. I have read about Perutz and Revue color at Germany Foto 80's photo magazine. I didn't know if it's from Ukraine. Wow, your country is film heaven. Under $ 3 is very very reasonable price. Wish me luck I can go to Ukarine =D Thank you very much for like & sharing ^_^

  12. pawlikdoc
    pawlikdoc ·

    @hervinsyah No, that was just small reserve of particular people. I'm looking for next possible offers in internet.

  13. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @pawlikdoc : Oh, I see. But still I wanna come to Ukraine someday =D

  14. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    40k idr only for supra is a waste pin, nabung dikit dapet 200ed ept160 tuh, nabung mayan dapet ebx. :D

  15. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @istionojr : Sudah kuduga, Yog T-T sebetulnya waktu itu niat ke distro itu cuma buat liat2 vinyl. Trus pas liat2 bagian kamera, jadi inget dulu pernah liat film bw langka dari Jerman tapi lupa lagi apa mereknya. Nah, waktu itu tuh saya iseng ngambil film yang ditaruh diatas kasir, tapi koq film bw jermannya ga ada, malah kodak supra. Dan para pegawai distro ini yang cantik2 secara psikologis bikin saya ga enak kalo ga beli, soalnya udah hampir sejam bolak-balikin koleksi vinyl plus liat2 =D Hehe, jangan2 distro ini nyetok kodak supra dari pasar baru jakarta lagi, yang suka dikeluhkan gambarnya under dll di grup lomonesia. Hehe, ya sudahlah, jadi pelajaran juga nih kalo main2 ke distro itu lagi ^_^ Oh, iya, wktu itu juga sempet liat film polaroid yang harganya Rp 300rb padahal taun 2007 kata si Oki harganya Rp 100 rb. Gini ini kalo kurang info berbuah penyesalan. Waduh reply nya jadi panjang gini. Btw trims yah like & infonya ;)

  16. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    @hervinsyah hah ada film polaroid? 35mm?

  17. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @istionojr : Bukan film 35mm, Yog, tapi kertas film buat kamera polaroid. Btw kemarin aku ketemu Alvin a.k.a. @spidey27 katanya kertas film polaroid di distro itu udah expired, jadi kurang bagus hasilnya, nanti ada efek semacam cairan meleleh gitu di hasil fotonya.